What will you do if a tornado is on a path to hit your home? 

Where will you go? Only a storm shelter/tornado shelter can provide iron clad protection against tornadoes, which are nature’s most violent storms. Many folks believe they can go to the center of their home in a closet and ride out a storm. The problem is many storms are too powerful and these storms can level everything except cement slabs. Many Oklahoma citizens tragically lost their lives on May 3rd, 1999, due to violent F5 rated tornadoes.

The choice you make regarding which storm shelter to purchase is a critical decision. Not just any storm shelter or tornado shelter will do.  Storm shelters made out of cheap materials will likely not stand the test of time.  Plastic and fiberglass tornado shelters often crack and break down over time when placed in the ground.  Our steel shelters are protected by coal tar epoxy to help prevent rusting to protect your investment.

But protecting your family from tornadoes is not the only reason to invest in a storm shelter.  Did you know that purchasing a storm shelter can increase the value of your home?  We all know that it’s a tough market out there right now.  Anything that distinguishes your home from other homes on the market can aid you in making a quicker sale.  Ask your licensed real estate professional what they think the impact of adding a storm shelter to your home will be. We think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

F5 Storm Shelters are the highest quality storm shelters available on the market.  Our shelters are made of heavy duty 10 gauge steel with ¼ plate solid steel lids to ensure durability and strength. Our shelters also include metal ribbing that provides additional strength to the sidewalls. F5 Storm Shelters come with a limited lifetime warranty. Our shelters aren’t made from cheap fiberglass or plastic like some shelters. F5 Storm Shelters are tested using sophisticated pressure testing equipment to ensure that they are welded tight and will last for many years to come. All of our shelters are welded inside and out to ensure water won’t get in. Your decision to buy a storm shelter or tornado shelter from F5 Storm Shelters will be one of the best decisions that you will ever make.  Don’t put off the decision for one more day.

Don’t delay.  Tornadoes can happen anytime!  Buy a storm shelter and protect your family.  Call us today.



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