Storm Season 2019 is Approaching

Storm Season 2019 is Approaching

We have made it through the first month of 2019 and although it’s still pretty chilly outside, storm season will be here before we know it. Now is the time to get prepared.

In just a few months, the sirens will begin to sound. What is your plan? What will you do? Do you have anywhere to seek shelter? What if your children are home by themselves? Will they be safe.

Storm shelters save lives and offer extreme amounts of piece of mind. How great would it feel to not have to stress or worry from March-June? Everybody in Oklahoma should have the luxury of having somewhere to go when severe weather hits, but sadly, this is not the case. Oklahoma has very few public shelters and still only a small percentage of homes have storm shelters. Now is the time to change that. F5 storm shelters can install an underground garage storm shelter or above ground safe room at your house for very low costs. Credit unions offer low interest loans on storm shelter loans to help soften the blow of paying for the entire project out of pocket up front. We would love to help give your family the gift of piece of mind this storm season.

January is the perfect time of the year to think about having a storm shelter installed. We are still offering discounted pricing and we can typically install within just a week. No long waiting lists! Guarantee that you will have your storm shelter installed and ready to go ahead of storm season and make sure your not on a long waiting list to have it installed when the first tornado of the year touches down.

We service the entire state of Oklahoma. If you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, or any other part of the state, we can help your family stay safe.

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Tornado in Broken Arrow

Free In Home Consultations

Free In Home Consultations

Storm season is right around the corner which means many people are in the market for a new storm shelter for their home. We know that figuring out what type of shelter you need can be a difficult process so our team at F5 Storm Shelters is here to help. If you live anywhere around the Oklahoma city or Tulsa metro areas, you can call us an we will send a sales associate out to your house to go over all your options. WE have over 8 years experience in this business so we can help you decide what is the best type of shelter for your personal situation.

Our most common products that we sell are the underground garage models. While we are there, we can show you exactly where the shelter will be placed in the garage and go over with you how much space we will need cleared back in order to do the installation.

If you are thinking an above ground safe room may be more preferable, we can measure out areas in the garage that will fit our most popular size models. If nothing fits, we can measure out a custom size that will fit perfectly in the space you have. There is no extra charge to custom build a safe room. Just let us figure out the dimensions that will fit your space.

Lastly, if you are wanting a product outdoors in your yard, one of our sloped top cellars may be the perfect fit. WE can measure exactly how much access you have to your backyard and tell you whether or not you are a candidate for this type of installation. No guessing, you will know everything you need to know in order to go forward with a shelter installation that day. The best part about all of this is that it’s free! Just call or email us today and we can schedule a time around your convenience to meet with you and go over all your options and pricing. Storm season is almost here. Don’t be on a waiting list when it arrives. Call us today and set up your free in home consultation!

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Protecting your family from a tornado

Protecting your family from a tornado

So many have a fear of tornadoes and for a very good reason. These storms have the ability to destroy property and take lives. The good news is you can protect your family from these violent storms. By purchasing an F5 Storm Shelter you will see the quality that our tornado shelters provide. Purchasing a tornado shelter is one of the best investments you can make to ensure the safety of your family. Throughout the process, our team will guide you in your decision making process. Our installation team can show you after the sale how to operate the storm shelter and can make suggestions for essential supplies.

The way to ensure survival is to get a storm shelter that meets or exceeds all the FEMA guidelines. To ensure a company is reputable make sure they have had their storm shelter tested at Texas Tech’s Wind Institute. At F5 Storm Shelters all of our storm shelter models have been tested and passed the rigorous testing standards at Texas Tech.

At F5 Storm Shelters we offer a variety of tornado shelters for whatever needs you may have. We offer concrete outdoor cellars, garage floor models along with concrete and steel saferooms. Come into either our Tulsa or Oklahoma City storefronts to see the models in person. Our team will give a free no-hassle consultation at your home to help you decide which model is best suited for your needs.


With an A+ BBB rating and thousands of satisfied customers we will go the extra mile to put you at ease with the installation process. We have perfected the process and are usually out of your home in under 8 hours for even our largest storm shelter. Please refer to our website for photos or see many more photos and customer testimonials on Facebook:

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How to Make Sure You Are Never Trapped Inside of Your Storm Shelter

How to Make Sure You Are Never Trapped Inside of Your Storm Shelter

A lot of people in Oklahoma are scared of tornadoes, and for good reason. The power and force can level houses from their slab in just seconds. One quick thought though, where does all that debri go? It doesn’t just disappear. What happens if I am inside my storm shelter and items thrown from the tornado have fallen on top of it? Will I be trapped inside?? The thought of being trapped inside of a storm shelter for an extended period of time is sometimes a more scary thought then the tornado itself.  Can this type of thing really happen? What are the chances I would ever be trapped inside of my storm shelter? First thing you always need to remember is that almost anything is possible during a tornado. All you can do is make sure your family is as prepared as possible for whenever severe weather strikes. Although it is possible for debri to smash into the lids of your shelter, limiting you from being able to open it, the chances of this happening are very small. Even though the chances are small, we wanted to give you a list of things you can do to help prevent ever being trapped inside of your storm shelter.


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1. Keep your complimentary come along jack inside your storm shelter

At F5 Storm Shelters , we supply every storm shelter we install with a 2 ton come along jack. You can use this to help pull the front lid open in case there are heavy objects covering the top of the lids, or an object has hit the lids, denting the min, limiting you from being able to manually open the lid. This should be inside your shelter at all times. If you have trouble using it, there should be an instruction pamphlet inside the box the jack comes in. You can also pull up different videos on Youtube. Make sure you know how to use the jack before you actually have to use the jack. Sounds obvious, but alot of people just put the thing in the shelter and never look at it again until seeking shelter sometime in the future.


2. Let friends and family know you have a storm shelter and where it’s located

The more people that know where you are the better. If there is a tornado in your area, chances are some of your friends or family are going to know you live close by. In the event of being trapped inside the storm shelter, the more people that know where you are the better. Make sure your neighbors know you have a shelter as well and if they don’t have their own storm shelter, be kind and let them know where they can buy one ; )


3. Keep your car parked on top of the shelter

The underground garage storm shelters are designed so that you can park a car on top of them and still have enough room to be able to get inside them without having to back the car out of the garage. The primary reason this important is because it limits you from having to move your car during the tornado. Also, if a tornado doesn’t hit your exact location, it could still hail and who wants to pay a $500 or $1000 deductible for no reason? With the car being parked over the storm shelter, this helps acts as a shield. All the debri that would fall on top of the storm shelter will instead fall on top of the car and fall off the sides. This should allow you room to get out of your shelter in the event of a direct hit.


4. Register your storm shelter!

Most people that get a storm shelter installed at their property have to file for a permit with their city. After the shelter is installed, you should be able to call a number listed on the permit to register your storm shelter. This makes sure that in case of a direct hit, first responders will know where you are and will be checking in with you to make sure you are ok. If you live outside of city limits or in a place that doesn’t require a permit for a storm shelter installation, you can call your closest fire department. Usually they can register the shelter for you at no charge.


Don’t let claustrophobia or the fear of being trapped limit you from having a storm shelter. Tornado shelters have saved thousands of lives and are a necessity for anybody living in Oklahoma. Although Tornadoes are very destructive and unpredictable, it is very unlikely that you will ever be trapped inside of one. If you have any questions about this topic, don’t hesitate to give us a call. WE would love to help you feel more at ease.


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Do Tornadoes Happen During Winter?

Do Tornadoes Happen During Winter?

Most people are well aware that spring time in Oklahoma means storm season. The Fall season is also  a hot time of the year for producing tornadoes, but what about Winter? Is it possible to have tornadoes during the Winter months? The short answer is yes. Tornadoes can happen anywhere and at anytime. The state of Oklahoma has reported touchdowns in every month of the year. Obviously, the Spring time gets all the attention, and rightfully so. However, people need to be cautious of severe weather throughout the entire year. Since 1950, Oklahoma averages one tornado a month during the winter time.

Tornadoes that happen during the Winter season are different from their Spring counterparts. Winter tornadoes, although much more rare, are quite a bit faster then Spring time tornadoes. Winter tornadoes also develop a lot more quickly then Spring season tornadoes. This presents a pretty scary thought in the sense that you have tornadoes that move along the ground more quickly and form more quickly. This gives your family a lot less time less time to take cover. Winter tornadoes are also more likely to occur late at night. Tornadoes are often the last thing on a person’s mind during December so when you add in these factors, Winter tornadoes have potential to be more deadly then in the Spring! Make sure you practice a family tornado drill at your home every few months and always makes sure to be weather alert. There is little time to get to safety during the winter season when we experience severe weather.

Does your family have a plan? Do you have a place to go to insure that you are safe? If you have any questions then call us. One of our sales representatives would be more then happy to give you advice on a proper survival plan as well as give you information on all of our underground storm shelters and above ground safe rooms. We are here to help and will do everything in our power to help make sure all families in Oklahoma are safe during severe weather whenever it may strike.  Stay Alive, Call F5!

tornadoes by month in Oklahoma

Tornadoes by month in the state of oklahoma

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How To Be Prepared For Next Storm Season.

How To Be Prepared For Next Storm Season.

We know that it is the beginning of November and not to many people are thinking about severe weather, but we think now is the perfect time to advise people on what they can do to get their family ready for Oklahoma’s next storm season. Here is a list of things you can do to make sure that you are prepared for when tornado season begins (in just a few months from now I might add).

1. GET A STORM SHELTER!! If you haven’t got one already then this is the absolute first thing that you need to do. Storm shelters not only offer you a safe haven from severe weather, but they also offer you piece of mind. It’s is a very relaxing feeling to know that even if the tornado sirens are going off, that you have a place to take your family. If you live in the state of Oklahoma, it is extremely important that you have some type of tornado shelter at your home. If you don’t have a shelter, right now is the perfect time of the year to get one. Let everybody else focus on the holidays and wait until February or March to call and get on a waiting list. By that time, you will already have yours installed and for quite a bit less money 🙂

2. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR STORM SHELTER SUPPLIED WITH SURVIVAL ITEMS. Don’t put off getting all the necessary items you need for inside your shelter. In case you don’t know what items you will need, we recommend having flash lights, weather radio, bottles of water, fan, non perishable food items, and an air horn. Another heads up, make sure all the items you keep inside your shelter are battery powered. You may not have power when using your storm shelter during a tornado so plan accordingly. We also recommend getting a five gallon bucket to store all your items. This way nothing gets lost or misplaced.

3. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Remember back in school when we used to have to practice doing fire drills? This is a similar concept. Once every couple of months, get together as a family and simulate being under a tornado warning. In case you didn’t know, tornado watch = take caution, tornado warning = take action. Practice getting in and out of your storm shelter or safe room. Make sure everybody in the family knows how to open the lid and get inside. You never know what time of the day a tornado will hit. It is likely that children could be home by themselves so it is very important that they know how to use the storm shelter. Lucky for you, we make our shelters very easy to use for just this type of situation.

4. INSPECT YOUR SHELTER. It is a good idea to look inside your tornado shelter from time to time. If your shelter has a leak and is allowing water inside it is much better to figure that out before you have to use it during storm season. Leaks don’t happen often, but if you notice one, they are a very easy fix. Another thing that I do with my shelter is to bug bomb it once or twice a year to eliminate insects and other undesirable critters.

If you have any questions or concerns you can always give us a call. If you are interested in installing a storm shelter or safe room at your house, we can help with that as well. We have show rooms in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa so it’s easy for just about anybody in the state to see us.


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