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Storm Shelters, Tornado Shelters, Safe Rooms

F5 Storm Shelters is a local Oklahoma company with showrooms in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa. We are founded on the premise that all people have the right to feel secure when bad weather strikes. It can be a scary experience when tornadoes are in your area, especially for those who have no place to take refuge. We believe that every home in tornado alley should be equipped with a storm shelter, so no one has to rely on chance or hope. We want every person to have the ability to survive a tornado and not just any tornado, but an F5/EF5. An F5 tornado has the ability to level homes completely, leaving mere slabs and rubble in their path. F5 tornadoes have the ability to exceed 300 mph wind speeds. In fact, the May 3rd tornado of 1999 near Moore, OK, had wind speeds that measured over 301 mph, wherein, this tornadic event caused over 50 people to lose their lives. Tornadoes are survivable events if you have a proper place to go. Our storm shelters offer protection from the strongest of tornadoes to ensure your safety.

F5 Storm Shelters has installed thousands of storm shelters for satisfied customers all over the state of Oklahoma with two convenient locations in OKC and Tulsa. All of our tornado shelters meet or exceed the FEMA guidelines. Additionally, all of our storm shelters have scored a passing grade at Texas Tech’s wind institute in Lubbock.

This is more than selling and installing storm shelters, though. We honestly care for people and that’s why we started our business and we think it shows. Of course we use the highest grade 10 gauge steel and ¼ inch thick door to ensure your safety. Our come along jack ensures you will have the strength to remove debris that is atop your shelter. Also, we register your shelter and have it GPS located, so people will know to check on you. F5 Storm Shelters has crews waiting to install your storm shelter. Whether you live in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, or even states outside of Oklahoma ( Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri), we are waiting to hear from you so we can install your underground garage storm shelter or above ground safe room. There are no mileage rates if you live within 40 miles of either the Oklahoma City or Tulsa metro areas. Contact us today to get scheduled! (405) 824-7209 for OKC. (918) 970-4770 for Tulsa.

I have wanted to get a storm cellar for a long time. I just couldn’t imagine going to one of those storm cellars again from my childhood the kind that you stood in water with spider webs all over the place.

What a surprise. My new storm cellar is great. It has benches, a weather radio, and stick on lights so I won’t be claustrophobic. I would highly recommend F5 Storm Shelters.

Gwen Lee
Oklahoma City



Oklahoma City: (405) 824-7209
Tulsa: (918) 970-4770

Storm Shelters, Garage Storm Shelters
Underground Shelters, Safe Rooms


F5 Payment Options

We accept cash, check, money order, credit cards: Discover, Visa and Mastercard. Additionally, several credit unions are currently offering low APR loans on storm shelters. See our Financing page for more details.

F5 Storm Shelters has installed thousands of storm shelters for satisfied customers all over the state of Oklahoma.


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OKC – (405) 824-7209
Tulsa – (918) 970-4770

Storm Shelters, Tornado Shelters, Safe Rooms