Why Underground Garage Storm Shelters Have Surged in Popularity

Why Underground Garage Storm Shelters Have Surged in Popularity

At F5 Storm Shelters, we have seen garage flat storm shelters surge in
popularity for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they offer the
convenience of not having to run into a storm during foul-weather. The
last thing people want to do is run into a driving rain storm as tornado
sirens are going off.

Most neighborhoods and HOA’s now ban the use of outdoor concrete
storm cellars in front yards. Many times, with limited access, front yard
placement is the only viable option for these large outdoor concrete
cellars. With HOA’s restricting them the options narrow down to garage
floor models, or above ground steel safe rooms that also go in the

Garage tornado shelters that are virtually flush to the concrete don’t
take up valuable room like their counterpart steel safe rooms. For those
with limited garage space, this allows people to drive into their garage
with their vehicles and still access their storm shelter.
These garage models also allow the homeowner to bug spray and keep
pests to a minimum. Also, since these shelters are protected from the
elements, they carry a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.
Whereas, the traditional concrete cellars only offer a 10 year warranty
to the original purchaser. For these reasons, many homeowners are
now choosing the garage flush model to protect their family. However,
like most products in life, we carry a variety of storm shelter products
to fit every situation.

Come see us at our Tulsa Store location at 10846 S Memorial Drive
Suite #112 Tulsa, OK 74133. Or come visit us at our Oklahoma City
location at 16524 N Pennsylvania Edmond OK 73012.

pre-construction storm shelter installation in back of garage.

Storm shelter installed in back of garage



To any citizens of Ottawa County, The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management was awarded a $235,625 grant from FEMA, which will help cover the cost to build up to 115 individual safe rooms / storm shelters for your residents. Through this individual Safe Room Rebate Program, homeowners have the opportunity of purchasing a FEMA approved safe room / storm shelter for their property and be reimbursed for it. In order to qualify for the program, applicants must own their own home and a flood survey must show that they are not inside of a flood plain. Storm shelters cannot be built in a flood zone due to hazard issues. Residents who are granted the rebate have three years to build a safe room in order to be reimbursed by FEMA. Qualified residents who applied may be reimbursed up to 75 percent of the cost of installing the shelter, or a maximum price up to $2,000. The remaining 25 percent will be the responsibility of the homeowner. The Homeowner has the choice of installing an underground storm shelter or an above ground safe room. Anyone wishing to be reimbursed for their shelter must be approved and funded before installing a safe room / storm shelter, otherwise they will not be reimbursed. The rebate program is open to every individual household in the county, excluding households within Miami city limits, due to recent grants awarded in the area. The city of Miami was already granted twice through this rebate program, this one is for everyone in the county outside of Miami city limits.

Congratulations to everybody that has received funding from this program. If you have any questions about storm shelters, you can call our Tulsa location and they can assist you. We would love to help your family stay safe from Oklahoma’s severe weather. Stay Alive, Call F5!

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F5 Storm Shelters Oklahoma

F5 Storm Shelters 2015 Summer Savings Special!!!

F5 Storm Shelters 2015 Summer Savings Special!!!

Are you a recent transplant to the state of Oklahoma or a local that has been putting off purchasing a storm shelter the last few years because of costs? If so, you may benefit from F5 Storm Shelters’ Summer Savings Special. Right now, at both of our OKC and Tulsa locations, we are taking $200 off any underground garage storm shelter, above ground safe room, or outdoor storm cellar purchase. These are some of our lowest rates of the year and they are available to you and your family for the entire month of August. All you have to do it call or come by one of our showrooms, choose the storm shelter that is right for your family and mention you read about our Summer Savings discount on our website and we will subtract $200 from the total price! You can’t get much better then that.

Don’t wait until the Spring season when everybody in the state is trying to have a storm shelter installed for storm season, plan ahead and get your shelter installed now. Not only will you save a ton of money, but you also don’t have to worry about extremely long waiting lists and you can guarantee that your family will have the safety and piece of mind they need when they need it most, tornado season. We have staff on hand that are ready to answer all of your questions and show you all the shelters we have available. Financing is currently available through credit unions for as low as .75%!!!  Think ahead and call F5 Storm Shelters today!


F5 Storm Shelters OKC (405) 824-7209

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F5 Storm Shelters Oklahoma Summer Savings Special

F5 Storm Shelters Oklahoma Summer Savings Special

Visit an F5 Storm Shelters Showroom!

Visit an F5 Storm Shelters Showroom!

Did you know that F5 Storm Shelters is the only storm shelter company in the state that has showrooms in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa? This makes it easy for anybody in the state to have the chance to see our products in person. Did you just move to Oklahoma and are in need of a storm shelter? Did you receive rebate money from the state for the purchase of a storm shelter? Did last storm season finally scare you enough to make the jump to making sure your family is never in a helpless position again when severe weather strikes? If you are in need of any type of storm shelter or safe room, come by one of our showrooms and check out what F5 Storm shelters has to offer. We have all three sizes of our underground garage shelters on display. You can get inside and get a feel for which size is the best fit for your family. Would you prefer an above ground option? Each of our showrooms has saferooms on display as well. Any questions you may have will be answered by an on site professional. We have onsite employees there to assist you and help guide you towards a storm shelter that fits best for your needs.

For people located in the central part of the state, our showroom in Edmond is located at 16524 N Pennsylvania Ave. We are about 2 miles North of Quail Springs Mall on 164th. Located in Fenwick Plaza.

For people in the NE portion of the state, our Tulsa location is located at 10846 S Memorial Dr. It’s about 2 miles South of the Creek Turnpike on Memorial. We are in the same shopping center as the Walmart located at the corner of 111th and Memorial. Directly behind the Sonic and Charlie’s Chicken.

Both locations are opened Monday through Friday 10am-6pm. We are also open on Saturnday 10am-2pm. If you can’t make it in during any of these times, don’t worry, we also open up for scheduled appointments. Just call us and set something up:

OKC (405) 824-7209

Tulsa (918) 970-4770


F5 Storm Shelters, tornado shelters, saferooms

F5 Storm Shelters, tornado shelters, saferooms


Stay Alive, Call F5!

How To Be Prepared For Next Storm Season.

How To Be Prepared For Next Storm Season.

We know that it is the beginning of November and not to many people are thinking about severe weather, but we think now is the perfect time to advise people on what they can do to get their family ready for Oklahoma’s next storm season. Here is a list of things you can do to make sure that you are prepared for when tornado season begins (in just a few months from now I might add).

1. GET A STORM SHELTER!! If you haven’t got one already then this is the absolute first thing that you need to do. Storm shelters not only offer you a safe haven from severe weather, but they also offer you piece of mind. It’s is a very relaxing feeling to know that even if the tornado sirens are going off, that you have a place to take your family. If you live in the state of Oklahoma, it is extremely important that you have some type of tornado shelter at your home. If you don’t have a shelter, right now is the perfect time of the year to get one. Let everybody else focus on the holidays and wait until February or March to call and get on a waiting list. By that time, you will already have yours installed and for quite a bit less money 🙂

2. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR STORM SHELTER SUPPLIED WITH SURVIVAL ITEMS. Don’t put off getting all the necessary items you need for inside your shelter. In case you don’t know what items you will need, we recommend having flash lights, weather radio, bottles of water, fan, non perishable food items, and an air horn. Another heads up, make sure all the items you keep inside your shelter are battery powered. You may not have power when using your storm shelter during a tornado so plan accordingly. We also recommend getting a five gallon bucket to store all your items. This way nothing gets lost or misplaced.

3. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Remember back in school when we used to have to practice doing fire drills? This is a similar concept. Once every couple of months, get together as a family and simulate being under a tornado warning. In case you didn’t know, tornado watch = take caution, tornado warning = take action. Practice getting in and out of your storm shelter or safe room. Make sure everybody in the family knows how to open the lid and get inside. You never know what time of the day a tornado will hit. It is likely that children could be home by themselves so it is very important that they know how to use the storm shelter. Lucky for you, we make our shelters very easy to use for just this type of situation.

4. INSPECT YOUR SHELTER. It is a good idea to look inside your tornado shelter from time to time. If your shelter has a leak and is allowing water inside it is much better to figure that out before you have to use it during storm season. Leaks don’t happen often, but if you notice one, they are a very easy fix. Another thing that I do with my shelter is to bug bomb it once or twice a year to eliminate insects and other undesirable critters.

If you have any questions or concerns you can always give us a call. If you are interested in installing a storm shelter or safe room at your house, we can help with that as well. We have show rooms in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa so it’s easy for just about anybody in the state to see us.


Underground Garage Tornado Shelter In Broken Arrow


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