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F5 Storm Shelters

All of our storm shelters include:

  • Clean Up
    We remove any dirt, so you’re left with only your shelter and no mess. We guarantee our professional installers will leave your install clean and neat.
  • Backfill
    We backfill with dirt and repour your original slab. Additionally, we rebar reinforce the shelter to ensure the shelter can’t float.
  • Ribbing
    All of our shelters have ribbing to ensure added strength
  • Welded & Leak Tested
    Our shelters are welded inside and outside and are thoroughly leak tested.
  • Rust Preventative
    Our shelters are coated with a RUST PREVENTATIVE EPOXY to help prevent corrosion.
  • Highest Manufacturing Standards
    Our shelters are MANUFACTURED WITH 10 GAUGE STEEL and the lid is 1/4″ PLATE STEEL.
    Our shelters meet AND EXCEED FEMA STANDARDS.
  • Rebar Reinforced
    All of our shelters are rebar reinforced.
  • Location Registration
    All of our shelters are registered and located.
  • Ventilation
    Our shelters far exceed the FEMA guidelines for ventilation without compromising the integrity of the structure.
  • Licensed and Bonded
    F5 Storm Shelters is a licensed and bonded company.



Toll free:1-855-F5Alive


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F5 Payment Options

We accept cash, check, money order, credit cards: Discover, Visa and Mastercard. Additionally, several credit unions are currently offering low APR loans on storm shelters. See our Financing page for more details.

F5 Storm Shelters has installed thousands of storm shelters for satisfied customers all over the state of Oklahoma.

Call Us:

Toll free:1-855-F5Alive

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Toll free:1-855-F5Alive

Storm Shelters, Tornado Shelters, Safe Rooms