Do Tornadoes Happen During Winter?

Do Tornadoes Happen During Winter?

Most people are well aware that spring time in Oklahoma means storm season. The Fall season is also  a hot time of the year for producing tornadoes, but what about Winter? Is it possible to have tornadoes during the Winter months? The short answer is yes. Tornadoes can happen anywhere and at anytime. The state of Oklahoma has reported touchdowns in every month of the year. Obviously, the Spring time gets all the attention, and rightfully so. However, people need to be cautious of severe weather throughout the entire year. Since 1950, Oklahoma averages one tornado a month during the winter time.

Tornadoes that happen during the Winter season are different from their Spring counterparts. Winter tornadoes, although much more rare, are quite a bit faster then Spring time tornadoes. Winter tornadoes also develop a lot more quickly then Spring season tornadoes. This presents a pretty scary thought in the sense that you have tornadoes that move along the ground more quickly and form more quickly. This gives your family a lot less time less time to take cover. Winter tornadoes are also more likely to occur late at night. Tornadoes are often the last thing on a person’s mind during December so when you add in these factors, Winter tornadoes have potential to be more deadly then in the Spring! Make sure you practice a family tornado drill at your home every few months and always makes sure to be weather alert. There is little time to get to safety during the winter season when we experience severe weather.

Does your family have a plan? Do you have a place to go to insure that you are safe? If you have any questions then call us. One of our sales representatives would be more then happy to give you advice on a proper survival plan as well as give you information on all of our underground storm shelters and above ground safe rooms. We are here to help and will do everything in our power to help make sure all families in Oklahoma are safe during severe weather whenever it may strike.  Stay Alive, Call F5!

tornadoes by month in Oklahoma

Tornadoes by month in the state of oklahoma

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Do Tornadoes Happen During Winter?

Fall Storm Season?

When most people in Oklahoma think about tornado season, they tend to think of the spring time. This is true, The months of March – June is typically considered, by most, to be the most active time of the year. However, something people often fail to notice is that the Fall season doesn’t just bring cooler weather and pumpkin flavored beverages, it is also comes with tornadoes. Did you know that outside of our typical spring storm season listed previously, that the month with the highest amount of tornadoes recorded is October!! Since 1950, there have been 129 tornadoes reported throughout the entire state of Oklahoma. That comes out to a two tornadoes a year average. This occurs happens when the jet stream shifts farther south into the United States after retreating northward during the summer months. An active jet stream pattern provides the deep wind shear necessary for super cells and large outbreaks of severe storms.

are you starting to panic? Ok, well hold on for just a second. Fall tornadoes are slightly less likely to be strong or violent than their spring counterparts. About 20% of fall tornadoes are rated F2 or stronger compared to 28% in the spring. Catastrophic F4 or F5 tornadoes are rare outside of the spring season. That being said, damaging and deadly tornadoes can happen at any time of the year.

F5 storm shelters is here to ease the fear of severe weather. We have stores in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa that services the entire state and beyond. Make sure your family is safe whenever the sirens sound. Whether it be in Spring or Fall. Stay Alive, Call F5!



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