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Storm Season 2019 is Approaching

We have made it through the first month of 2019 and although it's still pretty chilly outside, storm season will be here before we know it. Now is the time to get prepared. In just a few months, the sirens will begin to sound. What is your plan? What will you do? Do...

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Sooner Safe Rebate Program

The Sooner Safe Rebate Program is a great opportunity offered to all Oklahoma residents. For people who may not be familiar with the program, it is basically a lottery that is done each year throughout the state. The winners receive a voucher that will cover 75% of...

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Free In Home Consultations

Storm season is right around the corner which means many people are in the market for a new storm shelter for their home. We know that figuring out what type of shelter you need can be a difficult process so our team at F5 Storm Shelters is here to help. If you live...

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Protecting your family from a tornado

So many have a fear of tornadoes and for a very good reason. These storms have the ability to destroy property and take lives. The good news is you can protect your family from these violent storms. By purchasing an F5 Storm Shelter you will see the quality that our...

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To any citizens of Ottawa County, The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management was awarded a $235,625 grant from FEMA, which will help cover the cost to build up to 115 individual safe rooms / storm shelters for your residents. Through this individual Safe Room...

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Oklahoma Indian Nation Storm Shelter Rebate Programs

If you have recently won funding through your tribe for a storm shelter installation then we are here to tell you that F5 Storm Shelters is a qualified to be your vendor. All of our storm shelters and safe rooms either meet or exceed FEMA guidelines and have scored a...

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F5 Storm Shelters 2015 Summer Savings Special!!!

Are you a recent transplant to the state of Oklahoma or a local that has been putting off purchasing a storm shelter the last few years because of costs? If so, you may benefit from F5 Storm Shelters' Summer Savings Special. Right now, at both of our OKC and Tulsa...

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Visit an F5 Storm Shelters Showroom!

Did you know that F5 Storm Shelters is the only storm shelter company in the state that has showrooms in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa? This makes it easy for anybody in the state to have the chance to see our products in person. Did you just move to Oklahoma and are...

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Are underground storm shelters safe??

2015 has been a hectic storm season for much of Oklahoma. Non stop rain, flash flooding, and constant tornado warnings have become the norm, but as we approach the middle of May, the end of severe weather season ( if there is such a thing) is in sight. The Summer heat...

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What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Storm Shelter

Spring is quickly approaching in Oklahoma. This means warmer weather and more daylight, but it also means storm season. This is a scary time of the year for a lot of Oklahomans and is also a really popular time when many people begin to start to formulate a weather...

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2015 Storm Shelter Rebate Programs in Oklahoma

We are getting very close to storm season here in Oklahoma which means people are beginning to become more weather cautious. This is a popular time of the year for storm shelter installations and we know there are a lot of people out there that are currently shopping...

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10 Facts About Tornadoes That Everybody Should Know

We thought it would be cool to come up with a list of facts about tornadoes that most people don't know, but probably should. Living in tornado alley, it is important to know as much as you can about these terrible twisters in order to better stay safe when they touch...

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Benefits of Bolt Together Safe Rooms

Over the years, above ground safe rooms have started to become more and more popular all throughout Tornado Alley. For people who are not familiar with safe rooms, think of them as a steel closet that is bolted into your garage floor. To many Oklahomans, the thought...

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Do Tornadoes Happen During Winter?

Most people are well aware that spring time in Oklahoma means storm season. The Fall season is also  a hot time of the year for producing tornadoes, but what about Winter? Is it possible to have tornadoes during the Winter months? The short answer is yes. Tornadoes...

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How To Be Prepared For Next Storm Season.

We know that it is the beginning of November and not to many people are thinking about severe weather, but we think now is the perfect time to advise people on what they can do to get their family ready for Oklahoma's next storm season. Here is a list of things you...

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Fall / Winter Time Storm Shelter Saving Deals

THE BEST TIME TO PURCHASE A STORM SHELTER Most people don't know this, but one of the best times to purchase a storm shelter is during the Fall and Winter seasons. One of the main reasons for this is because there are not a lot of long waiting list. You can typically...

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Who wants a free storm shelter??

Have you always wanted a storm shelter but for one reason or the other never pulled the trigger? This month, we are partnering with AAA to give one lucky person a free underground garage storm shelter! All you have to do is follow the link below and register for the...

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Fall Storm Season?

When most people in Oklahoma think about tornado season, they tend to think of the spring time. This is true, The months of March - June is typically considered, by most, to be the most active time of the year. However, something people often fail to notice is that...

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F5 Payment Options

We accept cash, check, money order, credit cards: Discover, Visa and Mastercard. Additionally, several credit unions are currently offering low APR loans on storm shelters. See our Financing page for more details.

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