A safe room is an above ground storm shelter. They are a popular choice, especially for those with limited mobility and those that have problems going down stairs. Furthermore, many people with large pets find it hard to get their bigger pets down the stairs of an in-ground garage shelter. A safe room offers the convenience of a large steel closet with a heavy built door.

All of our safe rooms are made of 3/16th’s steel, all the shelters are grounded in case power lines or lightning strikes, we use 4 dead bolt throw locks along with a hatch lock, all safe rooms are anchored to your slab with many 4 ¾ inch anchor bolts with a 10,000 lb shear off rating per bolt. Additionally, you can view the safe room being impact tested at Texas Tech under our safe rooms tab. Whether you needs are for a safe room or an in-ground garage model, we can protect your family from mother nature’s most destructive storms.

Additional information provided on our Safe Room shelter page.



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