We recently discovered a poll on weather.com of the top 10 cities most frequently hit by tornadoes. As you would probably expect, the state of Oklahoma was well represented in the poll.


Tulsa ranked number 6 in the poll. “Tulsa, like Oklahoma City, is in the heart of what was once considered the traditional “Tornado Alley.” Tulsa lies at the crossroads of the Great Plains and the Ozark Mountains so it is a prime area for storm chasers as they follow tornadoes across the flat topography of central Oklahoma.”

Tulsa Co. Tornado History

  • Total Track (1962-2011):  828/sq. mi.**
  • Busiest Month (1950-2012):  May with 19 average tornadoes
  • EF-2 Tornado Hit Tulsa in 2010 and 2013


Following Tulsa, Oklahoma City came in number 7 on the list.

Oklahoma City Tornado History

  • Total Track (1962-2011): 806.2/sq. mi.**
  • 2.3 tornadoes each year/1,000 sq. mi.
  • Oklahoma County has been 101 times since 1950


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