What is a Survival Bucket?

What is a Survival Bucket?

A survival bucket is our idea of helping you weather the storm. The kit comes in a 5 gallon bucket with a lid that in an emergency could be used as a sanitary device. Inside the bucket we provide you with a crank style weather radio… so no batteries are needed. This allows you to monitor the storm without worrying about running out of power. We also provide you with bottled water, toilet paper, flashlight and glow stick lights to help illuminate the shelter for up to 12 hours for each glow stick. We urge our customers to add anything else they might think they will need in the event of the storm. When a tornado is nearby it’s not the ideal time to be searching and digging for supplies. We take that worry away from you by providing you the essentials to ride out any storm and the bucket fits conveniently in your shelter, so when the storm strikes your supplies are already in place.



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