Take Shelter Oklahoma

Take Shelter Oklahoma

Take Shelter Oklahoma is a citizen led effort to place an initiative petition on a statewide ballot to provide for the construction of storm shelters in all public schools in the state of Oklahoma. They need 155,000 signatures in the next 90 days in order to get this topic listed on the next voting ballot.

If you are interested in helping achieve this goal, please come by either of our showrooms in OKC or Tulsa and sign a petition to help get this put on the voting ballot. You can also go to Take Shelter Oklahoma’s website for more information on how to sign the petition online. The link is http://takeshelterok.com/

We think it is very important for everybody to do their part their part to try and prevent a situation like what happened at plaza towers from ever happening again. Having tornado shelters in every school is a good step in the right direction.



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