Oklahoma Indian Nation Storm Shelter Rebate Programs

Oklahoma Indian Nation Storm Shelter Rebate Programs

If you have recently won funding through your tribe for a storm shelter installation then we are here to tell you that F5 Storm Shelters is a qualified to be your vendor. All of our storm shelters and safe rooms either meet or exceed FEMA guidelines and have scored a passing grade at Texas Tech’s Wind Institute in Lubbock Texas. Please see below for more information on some of the existing storm shelter rebate programs that tribes across the state are currently offering. If you don’t see your tribe listed please contact your housing authority for more information. They should be able to assist you.


The Choctaw Nation – Currently offering up to $2,500 towards any underground storm shelter purchase as well as a safe room grant of $4200 for qualified applicants.

The program provides a grant for storm shelters to Choctaw Tribal Members who live in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas, which are states with a high risk of tornadoes. You must be 65 years old or older, or, you must have a documented ambulatory disability- Means a disability of which a person has a physical and permanent disability to such a degree that they require the use of a wheelchair; is not able to cross curbs because of paralysis or loss of function of the person’s legs; is missing one or both legs; or has a permanently impaired or unsteady gait that makes it impossible or impractical to walk as a means of transportation.

The Storm Shelter Program is administered through the Housing Authority of the Choctaw Nation. Choctaw Nation Storm Shelter Grant Program is dependent upon availability of funds. Storm shelters shall be provided as grants for eligible applicants who meet the qualifications. A grant in the amount of up to $4,200 for above ground shelters, with payment being made to the Choctaw Tribal Member and Tornado Alley Armor Safe Rooms.

In order to qualify you must reside in the home and hold title to the dwelling. Title must be recorded for ownership. Applicants who are participating in the Mutual Help Program are eligible. An individual may only have one primary residence.

If you qualify contact the Choctaw Nation Housing Authority toll free at 1-800-235-3087 for more information.


The Chickasaw Nation –  Currently offering up to $2,500 towards the installation of any storm shelter.

F5 Storm Shelters is a proud supporter of the Chickasaw Nation’s storm shelter rebate program and all of our shelters qualify for the funding.  For Chickasaw citizens, grants will be provided for up to $2,500 for installation of storm shelters. This service is available both inside and outside the Chickasaw Nation’s boundaries.  An applicant can expect to find out within 10 business days if he/she qualifies to be placed on the waiting list. You can call 580-421-8800 for more information.

You Provide: CDIB/Citizenship Card for applicant, Social Security cards of all household members, Income verification of all household members, and a copy of warranty deed.

Eligibility: Must be Chickasaw Citizen, No outstanding debt owed to the housing division or to the Chickasaw Nation, Home must be the applicant’s primary residence, Storm shelters are awarded one time only to each family in order to meet the needs of all Chickasaws.

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation –  Currently offering up to $5,000 towards a storm shelter purchase.

Muscogee (Creek) Nation offers a Natural Disaster Program which provides assistance to enrolled Creek citizens who have experienced a tornado. Maximum benefit is $5000 and it will provide for emergency shelter costs. Assistance amount varies based on the severity of the event and insurance coverage available.

Documentation required:

  • Copy of citizenship cards for all household members or a printout out from the Citizenship Office.
  • Copy of social security cards for all household members.
  • Copy of birth certificate and/or driver licenses for non-Indian household members.
  • Resident verification (lease agreement, mail dated within 30 days from date of tornado, etc.).
  • Copy of fire report.
  • Pictures of damage.
  • Documentation of insurance available and/or lack of insurance.
  • Additional information may be required to determine eligibility.

You can find more information on the Muscogee (Creek) Nation website.


These are the tribes that we have confirmed are currently offering rebate programs for their citizens. If your tribe is not on this list, it does not mean that they are not offering any type of funding. It only means that we have not got any type of information that can confirm they are currently offering rebates. Contact the Housing Authority for your tribe for more information regarding this topic. As always, Stay Alive, Call F5!


A New Underground Storm Shelter From F5

A New Underground Storm Shelter From F5