Who wants a free storm shelter??

Who wants a free storm shelter??

Have you always wanted a storm shelter but for one reason or the other never pulled the trigger? This month, we are partnering with AAA to give one lucky person a free underground garage storm shelter! All you have to do is follow the link below and register for the drawing. You have 3 weeks to register and you are able to submit one entry every day until the drawing is held. It’s really that simple. You are possibly just a few clicks away from having your very own tornado shelter.


The winning prize includes installation as well as a two ton come along jack. The jack makes it possible to pull the lid open in case there is debris on top of the lids. The shelter also comes with a limited life time warranty. As long as you are in the house, the shelter is covered for any type of leaking or corrosion. What are you waiting for? Go register for your chance to win a fully installed underground garage storm shelter from F5 Storm Shelters!


Here is the link to register: F5 Storm Shelters Giveaway!



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