Many Oklahoma residents find themselves in need of a storm shelter for this upcoming season, but lack the funds to do so. With the Sooner Rebate Program you can get some financial assistance to help protect your family. The below listed information covers how to apply for this help and what the rebate covers. F5 Storm Shelters qualifies for any / all rebate programs including Sooner Rebate Program.

The SoonerSafe Storm Shelter Rebate program is an annual, state-wide, program for Oklahoma residents. If you are needing a storm shelter or safe room, but need financial assistance you will definitely want to apply for this year’s rebates.

This rebate is for 75% of the purchase of a storm shelter or safe room, with a maximum rebate of $2000. All of our storm shelters and safe rooms will qualify you for the maximum rebate of $2000.

Below you will find a few links below that covers everything there is to know about the SoonerSafe Rebates. The first link is just a general overview about the program, with the second link being the complete rules and regulations of the program and the third link is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to apply, including screenshots of every step you need to take.
Apply Here:

If you applied for the 2012 SoonerSafe Rebate drawing, but didn’t win, you are automatically enrolled in the 2013 SoonerSafe Rebate drawing.



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