We get questions all the time from customers about whether or not they have post tension cables under their foundation. These questions primarily come from our Tulsa customers, but it is becoming alot more frequent in the Oklahoma city area so we thought we would post a blog about it. First of all, post tension foundations are different from normal foundations in that they have high tension cables running in or beneath the slab. They are designed to help improve the stability of your foundation over time. The problem though, is if you have them, cables running under your garage floor presents a problem when installing an underground garage tornado shelter. In order for a customer with post tension to get their install done properly, you must hire a post tension company to be present for the install. Once the slab is cut and removed, the company will adjust the cables and cap them so that it will be possible to put the storm shelter in the garage floor. This service will cost a little extra on top of the installation, but it will make it possible for everybody to be below ground when a storm is heading their way.



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