F5 Storm Shelters is again partnering with AAA and The Sports Animal to give one lucky winner a free above ground safe room. Registration is easy, just follow the link below and enter some basic information like Name, Address, Email, and Date of Birth for your chance to win. Want to better your odds at winning? You can register for the drawing once a day for the next month! The more you enter, the better chance you have at winning! It’s that simple.

This giveaway is for one of out 4×4 size above ground safe rooms. This specific storm shelter can hold 4-6 people easily. These are really good options for elderly people who maybe can’t get down steps very easily or people in wheelchairs. Think of them like steel closets. All you have to do is open the door and walk inside. How easy is that?

Our above ground storm shelters are the best in Oklahoma. We don’t just do the bare minimum like most companies. We try to exceed FEMA guidelines by 50%  during every aspect of the fabrication process. This means thicker steel, more ventilation cut outs, more anchor bolts anchoring the shelter into your slab,  more bolts securing the door, and an interior designed skeleton support system for more protection from flying debri. Our safe rooms have also received a passing grade from Texas Tech University’s Wind Institute in Lubbock, Texas. Nobody has ever been injured or killed in an above ground unit that has received a passing grade from this institution and either meets or exceeds FEMA guidelines, which ours easily exceeds.

Hurry up and register for your chance to win the best above ground storm shelter on the market! Don’t forget to come back daily. One vote per day per person. Contest ends on October 12th, 2015. Good luck!




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Above ground storm shelter